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Math Comp PhysSML Stat Prob OptCS EE
Advanced Calculus I,II,IIIMachine LearningProgramming Methodology
Advanced Algebra I,IIPattern RecognitionProgramming Language
Real and Complex AnalysisComputational Learning TheoryDiscrete Mathematics
Ordinary Differential EquationsStatistical Learning TheoryAutomata and Languages
Partial Differential EquationsAlgorithmic Learning TheoryData Structure and Algorithm
Differential GeometryInformation Theoretic LearningAlgorithm Design and Analysis
Measure Theory and IntegrationArtificial IntelligenceTheory of Computation
Functional AnalysisIntegrated Robotics IntelligenceAdvanced Algorithms
Differential AnalysisAdvances in Computer VisionComputer Principles
Numerical Analysis and AlgorithmScience of Deep LearningOperating System
Numerical Methods for PDEOptimization AlgorithmsComputer Networks
Computational Optimal TransportModern Convex OptimizationComputer Architecture
Theoretical Foundations of PhysicsNonlinear OptimizationSoftware System
Quantum and Statistical PhysicsOperations ResearchDistributed System
Electromagnetic TheoryStochastic Process AnalysisAdvanced Computer Graphics
Theory of OpticsAdvanced Stochastic ProcessPhysically Based Animation
Mathematical PhysicsMathematical StatisticsDigital Image Processing
Computational PhysicsStatistical InferenceSignals and System Analysis
Experimental PhysicsTheoretical StatisticsStatistical Signal Processing
Principles of Physical ScienceStatistical ComputingTheory and Analysis of Circuits
Principles of Chemical ScienceDynamic ProgrammingDigital and Analog Electronics
Principles of Biological ScienceProbabilistic Graphical ModelsProgrammable Logic Systems
Abstract AlgebraAdvanced Natural Language ProcessingProjects in Circuit Design
Differential Manifold and TopologyDeep Reinforcement LearningMicroelectronics and Device
Mathematics of Modern PhysicsHigh-dimensional StatisticsModern Control Theory
Probability TheoryBayesian Modeling and ComputingOptimal and Nonlinear Control

(Math, Comp, Opt, Stat, Prob, CS, EE, Phys, Eng)


Math, Comp, Opt, Stat, ProbCS, EE, Phys, Eng
Advanced Calculus I,II,IIIMachine Learning
Advanced Algebra I,IIPattern Recognition
Real and Complex AnalysisComputational Learning Theory
Ordinary Differential EquationsStatistical Learning Theory
Partial Differential EquationsAlgorithmic Learning Theory
Differential GeometryInformation and Inference
Measure Theory and IntegrationArtificial Intelligence
Functional AnalysisIntegrated Robotics Intelligence
Differential AnalysisAdvances in Computer Vision
Numerical Analysis and AlgorithmScience of Deep Learning
Numerical Methods for PDEProgramming Methodology
Computational Optimal TransportProgramming Language
Optimization AlgorithmsDiscrete Mathematics
Modern Convex OptimizationAutomata and Languages
Nonlinear OptimizationData Structure and Algorithm
Operations ResearchAlgorithm Design and Analysis
Probability TheoryTheory of Computation
Stochastic Process AnalysisAdvanced Algorithms
Mathematical StatisticsComputer Principles
Statistical InferenceOperating System
Theoretical StatisticsComputer Networks
Computational StatisticsComputer Architecture
Theoretical Foundations of PhysicsSoftware System
Quantum and Statistical PhysicsDistributed System
Electromagnetic TheoryAdvanced Computer Graphics
Theory of OpticsPhysically Based Animation
Mathematical PhysicsDigital Image Processing
Computational PhysicsModern Control Theory
Experimental PhysicsOptimal and Nonlinear Control
Principles of Physical ScienceDynamic Programming
Principles of Chemical ScienceSignals and System Analysis
Principles of Biological ScienceStatistical Signal Processing
Introduction to ArchitectureTheory and Analysis of Circuits
International PoliticsDigital and Analog Electronics
Introduction to Modern HistoryProgrammable Logic Systems
Microelectronics and Device 
Projects in Circuit Design 
	### Tsinghua University

	Optimization Algorithms

	Partial Differential Equation

	Numerical Analysis & Algorithm

	Advanced and Complex Analysis

	Probability & Statistics

	Stochastic Process Analysis

	Artificial Intelligence

	Pattern Recognition

	Robotics & Machine Vision

	Data Structure & Algorithms

	Programming Methodology

	Computer Principles

	Operating System

	Computer Networks

	Computer Graphics & Animation

	Digital Image Processing

	Advanced Computer Graphics

	Classical and Modern Physics

	Mathematical Physics

	Signals & System Analysis

	Control & System Theory

	Circuits & Electronics

	Operations Research

	### University of Pennsylvania

	Machine Learning

	Computer Architecture

	Theory of Computation

	Software System

	Computational Learning Theory

	Algorithms for Big Data

	Special Topics in Computer Graphics

	Modern Convex Optimization

	Applications of Scientific Computation (Instructor)

	Physically Based Animation (TA)

	(Advanced Topics in Algorithms)

	(Seminars on Robotics and Perception)

	### Massachusetts Institute of Technology

	Advanced Algorithms

	Information & Inference

	Advances in Computer Vision

	Distributed System

	(Numerical Methods for PDE)

	(Differential Geometry & Manifolds)

	(Graphical Models)

	(Topics in Theoretical Computer Science)